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Interested in how you can generate your own renewable energy and be part of the solution?  While we don't build or sell systems here at Renewable Northwest, we can provide you with some links and information on where to go to learn more about green power, educational resources, and funding opportunities.
Educational Resources
Looking to learn more about renewable energy resources for your home?  Home Power Magazine offers a good place to start to learn more about wind and solar technology for residential use.
For more information about the wide variety of new renewable technologies, fuels and resources being developed and discovered, visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website.  Their Renewable Resource Data Center is host to an extensive collection of renewable energy resource data, maps, and tools.
Looking for energy saving tips, or information on tax incentives?  Visit the Warm Oregon website, a subsidiary of the Oregon Department of Energy, or the Energy Trust of Oregon's residential portion of their website.
The Oregon Institute of Technology is home to the Geo-Heat Center, located in Klamath Falls, OR.  Information developed through firsthand experience with hundreds of projects and through extensive research is provided to individuals, organizations or companies involved in geothermal development.
Community Energy Development
Spark Northwest provides various print, online, and consulting resources, including workshops, to help communities develop local economies with renewable energy.
Solar Oregon offers workshops and educational resources to learn more about residential and community-based solar projects.
Farm or Rural Business Energy Development
Spark Northwest provides support for farms or rural businesses that are looking to become more energy efficient through their partnerships with USDA and state/local agencies.
Commercial Scale Development
Questions about the large-scale development of wind turbines and farms?  The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) holds a wealth of information available on these topics and more, including information on installing a wind farm on your property.  AWEA has put together a simple and thorough list of the ten steps to take.  Read on!
Wind and Sun -- Montana's Next Economic Boom

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Video - Energy Imbalance Market

It is time for the Northwest to modernize its electricity system and create an Energy Imbalance Market.

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