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The number of great reasons for developing renewable energy seem endless. Clean air for our children, energy security, combatting global warming, job creation, water conservation, stopping mountain top removal, planning for our economic future. All of these are worthy ends, but what can you do to help us get there? Vote with your dollars!
Electricity generation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. By purchasing green power, you will divert your energy dollars away from high-impact hydropower, coal, gas and nuclear plants, and instead invest in clean, renewable resources. The Northwest's environment, economy, and human health will benefit from that investment.
Young AdvocateRenewable Energy is Clean
Solar, wind and geothermal resources do not create the pollution associated with fossil fuels, such as carbon dioxide, methane gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury, particulates and nuclear waste. Renewable energy reduces the environmental impacts of power generation.
Electricity is distributed on a grid system. That means energy from a variety of companies and generators are pooled together before being distributed to consumers. When you choose renewable energy, you’re ordering electric power providers to pour more clean energy – and less dirty energy – into the pool. Your demand drains dollars away from the heavy polluters and works toward reducing environmental damage.
Green Power is Good for Our Economy
Investing in renewable energy has a positive effect on the economy of the Northwest. Some of the world's largest producers of renewable products -- photovoltaic panels and wind technologies -- are based in Washington and Oregon. Investing in renewables keeps dollars in the Northwest that would otherwise leave the region to pay for fossil fuels.
While traditional fossil fuels may seem less costly up front, the environmental, defense and health costs of these sources raises cleanup costs, national defense expenditures and insurance premiums. Renewable energy eliminates much of this risk, and since there are no fuel costs, they eliminate the uncertainty and expense of future fuel price increases.
Wind and Sun -- Montana's Next Economic Boom

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Dirty Power is the Problem
Generating electricity is a significant source of air pollution and a major cause of carbon dioxide emissions, smog, acid rain and habitat destruction. About 40% of the electricity consumed in the Northwest comes from burning fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. These and other conventional sources of electricity harm human health, degrade ecosystems and add to global warming. Using renewable energy shifts the electricity system towards clean resources that keep the air clean and preserve our quality of life.
Your Energy Choice Is Powerful
Not convinced you can make an impact by switching to renewable energy? Customers are voting with their dollars across the Northwest and making a huge impact. Renewable Northwest's Powerful Choices report has been tracking the impact of voluntary customer green power purchases since 2000.
Check out the Powerful Choices report for details.
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